Get The Answers To Your Home Mortgage Questions

Picking the right mortgage in one way is almost deciding how a majority of your life’s finances is going to work out. The decision is an important one. You will make the right decisions, only with good information to help you along the way. Don’t buy the most expensive house you are approved for. What […]

California wildfires: firefighters race to contain flames before extreme winds return – live | US news

Roughly 741,000 homes or businesses in Calfornia were still without power on Monday afternoon, according to Pacific Gas and Electric’s numbers – a result of the utility’s planned power outages that PG&E hoped would reduce the risk of sparking fires. With the latest round of blackouts beginning 26 October, nearly 2 million people could go […]

Of blue suits and smelly trainers

THE most visible difference between the Conservative Party Conference and the Labour Party Conference is age-adjusted dress sense. The Conservative Party Conference is full of young people dressed like middle-aged business people. The preferred style is the blue suit with a shirt and tie but a few adventurous spirits add pocket squares, waistcoats (brightly coloured […]