Of blue suits and smelly trainers

THE most visible difference between the Conservative Party Conference and the Labour Party Conference is age-adjusted dress sense. The Conservative Party Conference is full of young people dressed like middle-aged business people. The preferred style is the blue suit with a shirt and tie but a few adventurous spirits add pocket squares, waistcoats (brightly coloured […]

Boris Johnson takes centre stage—from the sidelines

TODAY’S Conservative Party conference is all about one person: Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson booked the largest room in the conference centre, with enough space for 700, but people nevertheless started queuing three hours early. He came flanked by a bigger entourage of security guards and minders than he ever commanded as foreign secretary. The journalists […]

Britain’s government slides into chaos

NOBODY CAN accuse Theresa May of an unwillingness to repeat herself. The woman who said, again and again, that “Brexit means Brexit” is now telling Britain that her version of Brexit is the only version worth having. This morning the prime minister spent three hours extolling her deal to the House of Commons. This evening […]

On Brexit films, Brexit books and Brexit television

I RECENTLY spent a happy few days in Los Angeles promoting my new book, “Capitalism in America: A History” (co-written with Alan Greenspan). I was driving down Hollywood Boulevard in a taxi thinking that all was right with the world—the sun was shining, the people were good-looking and, above all, I wasn’t on deadline to […]