Acting chief of staff acknowledged delay in Ukraine aid was due to Trump’s demand for an investigation but then later denied the claim

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12.02am BST

Partying like it’s 2016 up in here. How many times did Hillary Clinton get mentioned in the blog today?

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton has pulled out of the Fortune Most Powerful Women summit — a source close to the decision says she wouldn’t share a bill with Kirstjen Nielsen.

11.40pm BST

Elizabeth Warren responds to the Supreme Court announcing that it will decide the constitutionality of her baby, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Big banks and their Republican allies have been trying to kill the CFPB for years, and the Trump administration is hoping the right-wing, pro-corporate Supreme Court will help. I’ve got news for them: Like it or not, the CFPB is constitutional.

The CFPB was created because we needed an agency dedicated to protecting consumers and holding big banks accountable. Big banks haven’t stopped trying to kill it since—but I’ll never stop fighting. We need Washington to work for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

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